Hi, I'm Julie Loboyko, Graphic Designer.
I've been working as a professional designer for over 10 years, currently freelancing. I specialize in print design, but can also provide web content (ads, graphics, etc.). I'm adaptable to any industry, but have extensive experience in designing graphics and materials for continuing medical education, healthcare, meeting planning and conferences. I also have experience in and am very interested in the horse racing industry.
I love vintage ads, dogs, Swiss design, Helvetica, horse racing, German Expressionism, zoos, movies, Saul Bass, things that go bump in the night, meerkats, Jethro Tull, books, Paula Scher, Pink Floyd, Pop Art, popcorn, pop culture, soda pop, pizza and pizzaz.
Most of all, I love what I do - creating works of art, no matter how fleeting.
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